Facebook Advertising: 2 Basic Types

Social networking has attained so much popularity these days and Facebook is certainly the most popular social site with its almost half a billion active users. Small business owners have acknowledged that this social networking platform can help them market their products because of its ability to reach a wide market.Small business have already jumped into social media marketing as a form of advertising mode and make their products get noticed to a wide variety of people. These people may already be into Facebook and you just have to meet them there where they are spending time.By having your fan page in Facebook you can have visitor interactions and find out what things that your visitors are interested in. If you have built a wide fan base you provide high quality information and share your contents with your visitors and you will have good results in your social marketing strategy.Advertising on social sites like Facebook, will not only increase sales of your products or services but also help you build and maintain your brand. Having variations of your products or introduction of a new product line will not be hard to do if you are already into Facebook.Placing ads on Facebook is easy and can bring you lots of advantages. Since people often cannot block what Facebook place on their pages, you can place your ad according to age groups, genders, or customer’s likings, where you intend your ads to be displayed.Starting an ad campaign on Facebook is simple as you only need to provide information like website URL, website title and the description of your ads. You can also upload image ads if that is your option and after you have selected your targeted customers by age group, gender, location, etc. you will already have an advertisement.Your options are cost per click (CPC) type of ads or the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) type. Opting for the CPC mode, you will have to pay for the number of clicks you receive and if you have chosen the CPM type, you have to impressions that your ads are placed on Facebook.You need to bid for the unit price for each click on your ad if you opted for the CPC mode and if your option is the CPM type, you have to bid for every thousand impression of your ads. You only have to decide on which option you chose based upon your daily budget and what your expectations are with your campaign.If your main goal is to get more traffic to your website then a CPC type of ad on Facebook is the ideal mode because at the lesser cost. If you want to build your company or product brand, the CPM type could be more advantageous.